Hey guys! Welcome to my world! Come on in. >>>

Hair and makeup has been my passion for as long as I can remember. My mom was reminding me the other day that there was never a “moment” she could remember where I wasn’t into all things beautified and girly- It has always just been a part of me. I knew while growing up that I was going to walk a different path than others. My college experience was exciting and incredible, but during my first year the Lord began to place it on my heart to go to cosmetology school. I remember my sister telling me during Christmas break of freshman year, “Bonnie, just go take a tour at a hair school. Who cares what people think.” I appreciate my parents’ support so much: it took absolutely no convincing. They gave me the freedom to figure it out myself. By them trusting in the Lord with my life, it allowed ME to trust in the Lord with my life. Some people cannot say that they were ‘called’ to do something and they are still searching. But for me, I found out at age 19, and I’m thankful for that. I can’t even begin to tell you the blessings I have had…Jesus is taking care of me!

I started cosmetology school, and had so many opportunities as far as helping people, encouraging women to be confident in the beauty that the Lord gave them! I’m so inspired by art, photography, music, style, and fashion… adding hair into the mix completes the package! I work at the Crown Beauty Bar in downtown Fayetteville, and that has been incredible. My bosses Zac and Kelly Stuckey have made it possible for me to continue to pursue my dreams in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas, and I cannot thank them enough. I have made this not just my job, but my career.

Starting a blog has been something I’ve wanted to do for quite sometime now. It excites me and scares me all at the same time! I cannot wait to share hair, makeup, styling, fashion, lifestyle, and all the things I have stored in my little brain! Ill be posting several times a week so make sure you check back!




P.S. Looking to get in touch with me?  Email me at bonnie@bonniedoesitagain.com


Whitney Myers

Very exciting, Bonnie! Can’t wait to see everything you have to share. Good luck 🙂

Resa Evans

Bonnie, you are just the cutest and sweetest girl! I have come to know you through Megan, my niece, and watched you totally blossom with your life. What a great idea to make a blog. I will definitely be keeping up with you. Your pictures were so beautiful! Good job!

Jillian terrell

Hey Bonnie I don’t know if u remember me but I follow u on Instagram @jillian.terrell and I just want to say that u are a very pretty girl and u are one of my roll models! Can’t wait to see what the lord brings to you!

Miranda Vance

I randomly came across your blog through Instagram, and I have loved reading through it! Thanks for living the life Jesus has called you to live, you are such an inspiration.


Whats the secret to get tickets to the ELLEN show and win a Car!!!!! Congrats that was AWESOME!!!!


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