The key to success is to start before you are ready. Just start. There have been several things I have been so scared to do and I have said to myself, “I’m not ready” or, “what if I fail?” But, every single time I take a leap something good comes from it and I learn… Read more »

Hometown is good for the soul.

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago I got to go home for a bit and be with my family. It was an unexpected trip, but God’s timing is perfect always and it was very refreshing to be home. Every time I go home, I’m reminded of why I’m out here doing what I’m doing, and… Read more »

Hot pink dream

Hey guys! Who doesn’t love a Calvin Klein set in hot pink? Thanks to urban outfitters my hot pink dreams have come true. Pics by @dalebenfield. Follow him on Instagram to get inspo for weddings, models, and much more! XO, Bon

Puttin’ on the ritz

Hello dress lovers! Today is the last look of my black dress series from Alyce Paris. This dress, is one of those “OH EM GEE” moments. I put this dress on, and it fit so well that I didn’t want to take it off. It’s velvet, mesh, and beaded design has me thinking they should… Read more »

Young, Wild, & Free.

Hey again! I hope everyone has loved the first look so far. These dresses are just so fun! I’ll be wearing them all throughout the year to different events. I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite things to do is to get ready with my sister and my best girlfriends, do… Read more »

? to the nines

Hello everyone! This week starting today, I’ll be sharing three different styles of black dresses with you all that I LOVE. They are all from Alyce Paris. It is a gorgeous line of dresses, and when I went to the Alyce website to pick mine out, it was so hard to choose! But, it got… Read more »

Moderation ~ workout + diet regimen

Hey everyone! So a lot of you have inquired about what my workout regimen is, and what my eating looks like throughout the week- I’m here to bring you in and be completely honest with you guys! We all have goals we want to get to, yeah? Well, I’ve never been super strict about my… Read more »

Dreaming in the Desert

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you all that sometimes it’s hard to go the extra mile in life. Whether that’s with your job, or what you are going for with your career, a personal goal, or literally RUNNING the extra mile, do it. It’s something you will not regret, and it is… Read more »


?SURPRISE!?- YOU have asked, and Junie has agreed. My furry Valentine has an Instagram! >>> Go follow @junieb.kitty to get to know my precious Scottish fold that I love with my whole heart! I’ve had her for 1 year now and she gets sweeter every single day. She cannot wait to get to know all… Read more »

antique junk & stuff

Hey everyone! I’ll leave you with a little junkyard post for the weekend. In the heart of Hollywood, there is a cool place to stop at that has all kinds of antique finds. Its a junk yard with character. If you are ever in LA, its a unique place that you could stop at to… Read more »

  • Showing Highline NYC My Mumu

      Just a southern girl in the city… Happy Tuesday everyone! Shooting at Highline in NYC was so fun! Such a cool place with pretty greenery everywhere and had some gorgeous views. We got up early and met up at the former railroad line to start shooting. We walked pretty much the entire stretch of… Read more »

  • More issues than vogue

    “Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.” I had a friend once tell me, “If you are constantly thinking about the next weekend, vacation, event, or phase of your life, you will be miserable if that’s… Read more »

  • It’s all about the curls in Greenwich Village

    “Hello, New York. You’re looking gorgeous today.” Our first shoot we had in NYC was in Greenwich Village. What I think about it? This place is gorgeous and has so much character. Seeing people walking their pups, or just chillin’ on their apartment doorstep… it was a dream! We had so much fun walking around… Read more »

  • 7 Travel Essentials

      “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure.”  Hey guys! Traveling is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I just had the opportunity to head to NYC to visit a few friends and I loved every bit of it. For the next several weeks I’ll be… Read more »

  • How to Get the Glitter Eye

    I’ve got glitter in my veins Hey guys! So I love all things glitter, and I was playing around with some fun makeup ideas. I created a glitter liner that ended up looking so awesome. If you are going to a Katy Perry concert, or a music festival, or if it’s your birthday, or for… Read more »

  • Two Things That Help Me Embrace Messy Hair

    EMBRACE MESSY HAIR & SWEATPANTS I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to washing my hair I do not do it everyday. Some girls can go days without washing and I am thankful to be one of them. Having clean hair is a great feeling, but allowing your natural oils to come through… Read more »

  • 8 Minute Makeup

    “Makeup should never be used to hide yourself. It should be used to enhance your natural beauty” Hey you guys! Today I’m sharing with you all my first video tutorial! I’ve been asked by several people to share my makeup routine, so I’ll be excited to know y’all’s feedback and how you like it (feel… Read more »

  • Two ways to style – Y’ALL

    “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe I have enjoyed lately getting inspired by the things I have hanging in my closet. I know we all love coming home with brand new shopping bags, but there is nothing like it when you challenge yourself to be… Read more »

  • Lip Party

    “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.” Hey lip lovers! When it comes to makeup, lipstick is something that makes me so excited! Heading into summer I have wanted to embrace the natural eye and play up the bright lip colors. My lipstick stash includes all kinds of brands, but some of… Read more »

  • what a watermelon world

    Dreaming of summer & watermelons 24-7 I walked into Riffraff the other day and freaked over this little watermelon purse! I love watermelons because they’re yummy & healthy, and they remind me of summer and the lake. I styled this purse with a watermelon tank I purchased several years ago. I look forward to pulling… Read more »